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How to choose the hairstyle based on the shape of the face

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Fancy changing your haircut? The rule to have the best cut is to choose it first according to the shape of your face, without perhaps forgetting to take a look at the latest trends trends of hairdressers in hair. Before you have your bangs cut or before you drastically cut your hair, consult with your hairdresser who will surely help you understand if that is just the cut for you. Your face is rounded, its length is almost equal to its width and your cheeks are full. For this type of face, hairdressers recommend to choose a cut that should not accentuate the roundness of the face and should instead try to stretch it slightly. It is therefore difficult to choose a short cut, better to rely instead on cuts that let the long hair fall over the shoulders. The hair can be smooth or choppy, but its volume must be studied: give volume to the root of the hair and instead let the hair fall back on the shoulders without excessive volumes or ringlets, better rather choose a cut cut that frames the face stretching it slightly. A proportioned face, elongated but not too much: the oval face is the most regular. In this case the possibilities of choosing the cut are almost endless: this type of face lends itself to short cuts that highlight the perfection of proportions, but also the long manages to give particularly to this type of face. Again, however, you have to pay attention to the volumes: it is in fact the latter that define the final shape of the oval face. The corners of your face are a bit angilian and your jaws are wide and defined. The haircut should soften the face with soft tufts: no short cuts or too smooth hair. Give movement to your hair with light waves on the tips that will frame your face thus camouflage your jaws. Your face is definitely long and your cheekbones are barely pronounced. The secret? Avoid stretching the face further and adding volume to the sides to balance the measurements. Yes to the bangs, which camouflage the forehead and shorten the face, absolutely not instead to cuts that increase the volume on the head. Better to avoid very short cuts: your ideal cut is long with waves and volumes at the sides of the face: the row in the middle also helps to control the volume of the hair on the top of the face, but you can also choose the side line, which breaks the face and re-features portions the measurements.

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