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Taglio Capelli.net : Want to change your hairstyle? The rule for having the best cut you choose it first according to the shape of your face, without perhaps forget to take a look at the latest trends in hair salons hair trends. Before you cut the bangs or drastically before cutting hair, consult with your hairdresser who will help you figure out if that\'s really the cut for you. Your face is round, its length is almost equal to its width and your cheeks are full. For this type of face, hair stylists advise to choose a cut that should not accentuate the roundness of the face and should indeed try to stretch it slightly. Hard to choose a short cut, better instead relying on cuts that leave long hair falling over her shoulders. The hair can be smooth or rough, but its volume must be highly studied: give volume to the hair root hair fall on her shoulders and let it instead without excessive volume or curls, better indeed choose a cut that frame the face slightly stretching it marched. A face proportioned, elongated but not too: the oval face is the smoothest. In this case the choice of the cut are almost endless: this face shape lends itself to short cuts that highlight the perfect proportions, but also the long can donate particularly to this type of face. Even in this case, however, care must be taken to the volumes: they are just the latter to define the final shape of the oval face. The corners of your face are a bit sharp and your jaws are large and defined. The hairstyle should soften the face with soft Tufts: no short cuts or hair too straight. Motion dates to your hair with waves and read about tips that will frame your face camouflaging your jaws. Your face is definitely long and cheekbones are just pronounced. The secret? Avoid further lengthen the face and add volume to the sides to balance the measures. Yes to the fringe, which camouflages the face and shorten the face, absolutely not a cut that increase the volume on the head. Best to avoid short cuts: your ideal cut is long with waves and volumes on the sides of the face: the row at the Center also helps keep hair volume at the top of the face, but you can also choose the lateral line, that breaks my face and talking scale measurements.

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Gossip & News

19 Sep 19

The hairstylist’s shoot channels late 70s/80/s grunge punk and the music influencers of that age while using sharp angles to keep that modern touch. He kept a subtle balance of soft and beautiful looks but with an element of a tough edge and rawness to each image.

Collection: Modern Grunge
Ph: Jens Wikholm
Make-up: Amie Cheryls
Stylist: Jamie Stevens


18 Sep 19
SALONE ALESSANDRA HAIRSTYLIST accreditato nei backstage delle sfilate.

IL SALONE ALESSANDRA - Aria di creatività tra i capelli alla MILANO FASHION WEEK 2019 con IL SALONE ALESSANDRA, punto di riferimento per la bellezza a San Donà di Piave (VENEZIA) è OFFICIAL HAIR STYLIST insieme a WELLA Professional, Official Partner della Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana.

Dal 17 al 23 Settembre, una nuova ventata di hair-à-porter si diffonderà anche fra i capelli, indispensabili per esaltare e completare gli ultimi fashion look che verranno proposti non solo alle sfilate, ma anche negli eventi e nei party glamour che stanno via via completando la fitta agenda.

IL SALONE ALESSANDRA si contraddistingue per la grande preparazione, professionalità e creatività del team sempre aggiornato ed all'avanguardia, apprezzato per le altissime performance dei prodotti WELLA utilizzati: dalle colorazioni, ai prodotti care e styling, ai trattamenti specifici. Tutto trasmette passione e amore verso il proprio lavoro e la cura della persona, facendone un tratto distintivo.

La lunga esperienza di WELLA e la passione de IL SALONE DI ALESSANDRA si integrano perfettamente per valorizzare ogni singola donna, traendo ispirazione da passerelle e red carpet prestigiosi, come quello della MILANO FASHION WEEK.

Official Partner della Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana
17 Sep 19

Collection: Curl
Ph: Daria Belikova
Make-up: Rita Simone
Stylist: Ekaterina Belaya


16 Sep 19
Premiazione GLOBAL AWARDS 2019
Salvatore Fodera OMC President e Marco Calcagni

CALCAGNI rinomata azienda di servizi per parrucchieri e centri estetici ha ricevuto il prestigioso premio come OMC MANNEQUIN GOLD SPONSOR dal Presidente / CEO di OMC Salvatore Fodera, confermando la continua crescita dell'azienda dal 1972 grazie allo spirito imprenditoriale del fondatore Luciano Calcagni e dei figli continuatori Marco e Alberto.

OMC (Organisation Mondiale Coiffure), la più grande organizzazione professionale di parrucchieri al mondo con oltre 50 paesi membri, ha organizzato OMC HAIRWORLD 2019, premiando campioni mondiali del settore bellezza.

PARIGI: OMC grande manifestazione

Nei giorni dal 14 al 16 Settembre si è svolta a PARIGI (PARIS) la grande kermesse OMC con fiera e spettacoli/ show dei più grandi brand mondiali.

Anche CALCAGNI DIFFUSION (ITALY) uno dei più grandi distributori di articoli per parrucchieri ed estetica in Italia, era presente con uno stand.

Marco Calcagni con Julienne L'OREAL

Citiamo gli sponsor di manifestazione:

MCB by Beauté Sélection e Calcagni Profumerie.

16 Sep 19
Nikita Fisher

For the hairstylist's colour collection this year she focused her energy on light, transparency and paranormal movement incorporating a spectrum of colours - she created looks resembling similarities from various natural and supernatural elements from mother nature and the physical world, characteristics and gifts from the earth capturing those magical, very rarely seen moments that happen at sunrise, sunset, after the rain has fallen, in the depths of space and only during certain time lapses. During her research she has been drawn to various significant light reflections and illusions and wanted to create an array of expression manifested on her model’s individual dispersive power.

Collection: Prism
Ph: Jens Wikholm
Make-up: Doey Drummond
Stylist: Jamie Stevens


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